With a rising prices of utilities like gas and power and winter still being in progress it might be good to check your usage from time to time. With electricity and TOU meters, it is easy, retailer does that for you and you can check your consumption and projected bill at any time with a granularity of 30 minute interval (sometimes even less).
With gas (and water) it is trickier, those are being read manually every 2 – 3 months so you may be up for a surprise when the bill arrives.

I have created a simple excel file, where you can fill your rates, dates, latest and current meter reading and it will give you amount that you would pay if the bill was issued right now.

Just open the attached excel file and fill out. Check the picture where to get the details.

Apart from obvious things like dates and readings of the meter you have to fill rates from your price plan. Usually this consists from a daily rate – what you pay no matter what is your consumption and then usage rates, which are then usually divided into steps – you pay certain rate for your first X MegaJoules, slightly different rate for another Y MJ etc. Excel supports 3 steps pricing.
On top of all of that you have to fill 2 values specific for GAS, which are heating value and pressure. Simply use whatever gave you your retailer on your last bill, it will be different (shouldn’t be significant) on your next invoice, but there is no way how to figure out these by yourself.

You can check this link for more details.

Hope this may help somebody, or save their time to do the calculation from scratch.

Disclaimer: I am not liable for any inaccuracies in the calculations within the provided file. Please ensure independent verification.

Edit 13/09/2023: Funny thing I forgot to add daily charges to the calculations, so new version of the spreadsheet has been published.